As I wander around shows, I inevitably learn all sorts of fun and interesting things I hadn’t known before I walked in the doors. At the NY Watch and Antique Jewelry Show a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see a Lalique’ brooch in person and talk to Spicer-Warin about it. I learned something really important about Lalique jewelry that I didn’t know before. Read on and you’ll be a bit wiser than your friends when it comes to buying Lalique’ jewelry.

Even in a case full of amazing jewels, a Lalique piece will stand out. There’s something so dramatic, so theatrical, about his jewelry. This brooch is certainly no different. It’s a plaque shape, rather heavy, with one angel at the far right end and five singing choir to the left. I can’t tell if all the figures are supposed to be angles, but only one has wings, so you may draw your own conclusions.


There were only three of these brooches ever made. One sold at Sotheby’s in 2012 for $30,000.

One is obviously in Spicer Warin’s inventory and the last one is still at large somewhere in the world. If you have it, you may donate it to me. I won’t mind.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

Lalique didn’t like to make the exact same thing in multiples. This one was cast from a mold and three were made, as I said previously. Each of the three made, however, was slightly different. This one was made different by having light blue enamel on the back. The backs were left plain on the other two.


Now you know something about Lalique that you didn’t know before: even on cast pieces, Lalique’ took the time to make each one unique! You can thank Spicer Warin for that juicy piece of information.