Understanding Jewelry Isn’t Easy!

– If you want to know whether your gemstone
is high quality or simulated- You can’t figure out if you’re getting a good deal.
or paying a fair price for the jewelry you want to buy.- You don’t know the difference between Edwardian.
& Art Deco.- Curious if your Edwardian ring is authentic or not?

– You’re wondering about the value on your grandmother’s
ring or the jewelry you just bought.

Then this site is for you. So many of us spend too much
time being uncertain about all of our jewelry questions.
Especially when it comes to buying and selling on line.
I understand your issues and I’m here to help you
answer all your jewelry questions!

I’m Nicholle– better known as Jewelry Nerd. I’m a veteran of the jewelry business and a GIA Graduate Gemologist, Jewelry Historian and Jewelry Appraiser and I’m here to help answer all these pesky uncertainties that keep you awake at night!
After buying and selling estate and antique jewelry since 1999, it’s become my passion to know everything I can about the jewels I love so much. I started this website to help other people obtain the knowledge to
achieve their jewelry dreams. It doesn’t matter if those dreams involve building a jewelry retail empire on-line
or in a brick and mortar store; if you’re a collector looking for your next delight; or if you just want to buy a pair
of diamond studs. I can help with all of those things and so much more!